If you like organised beaches with sunbeds and service but without noise, we recommend Xyla (call
6942438001 to reserve an umbrella). A more traditional choice is Koundouros (call 6944691668 to reserve an umbrella).
Unorganised beaches with crystal waters are Sykamia and Kampi which also has a nice tavern with home cooking.
The closest beach is Gialiskari (4km away). It is an organised one with a nice beach bar and sunbeds (cal 2288022267 to reserve and umbrella)
During days with strong north wind, we recommend the windless beaches Koundouros, Koundouraki, Kampi and Gialiskari (in this order).

A unique experience is to visit the ancient city of Karthea and enjoy its beach after visiting the ruins. To reach Karthea there is a an ancient path that takes 45 minutes walk or you can do it on mules (6976469413 to book mules)


Breakfast is served on a tray from 08:30 to 12:30 in your room or in any area of ​​Agrikea you wish.
"Agrikea Breakfast" (15€ per person) consists of strained yogurt with almonds, walnuts, flaxseed, sunflower seeds, sesame and local thyme honey, juice, eggs (boilled or scrambled or omelet) from our own free range chickens, cookies, seasonal frui, toasted bread with butter and jam or honey and coffee or tea of ​​your choice.
"Light Breakfast" (6€ per person) consists of juice, toasted bread with butter and jam or honey and coffee or tea of ​​your choice.
Please contact Reception the night before should you wish to order breakfast.

Check in / Check out

Check is at 15:30 and check out at 11:00 this year in order to create extra time for disinfection and ventilation of the room between customers.

Agrikea is a sanctuary and in order to ensure this, we ask our visitors not to bring with them small children under the age of 13.

If you wish to wash your clothes, there is the possibility to either use the washing machine that is available at Agrikea, or us to organise dry cleaning.
We can arrange the booking of ferry tickets and taxi from Lavrio to the airport or Athens.
We can also make a reservation for you for a restaurant / tavern or to book an umbrella on one of the organised beaches, rent a boat, arrange a fishing trip or even organize a walk or a mule ride on the island's ancient paths.
We are at your disposal for any additional concierge service.


Drinking water
The tap water is not potable anywhere on the island, although the water in Agrikea has been filtered and chlorinated.
Drink only bottled water or the drinking water we offer you in Agrikea which has undergone negative osmosis treatment. Upon arrival, you will find two bottles of drinking water in the mini bar. You can refill them with drinking water at Reception.

Hair dryer
The hair dryer is located in the drawer under the mirror of the room. A plug can be found in the bathroom.

Should the temperature drops below 16 ° C, the heating in your room will be turned on and the thermostat will be automatically set at 18 ° C. If you wish a higher temperature, please contact Reception.

Information on restaurants & bars
Ask us at Reception for restaurants and bars suggestions according to your taste and to help you make a reservation.

Please keep the key to your room with you and lock the door when you leave the room.

The library will not be available this year. This is due to the Covid-19 protection measures.

In collaboration with Senses Spa, we offer our customers 5 different rejuvenation and relaxation massage options that they can enjoy in their room or outdoors on the farm, overlooking the sunset. More information can be found here:

Medical Center
The island's Medical Center is located in Ioulida, next to the parking lot.
Tel: 2288 022200.
Should you feel unwell, please contact immediately Reception or call 6942550588. Please do so, even if you feel unwell up to 14 days after your departure from Agrikea.


Mini Bar
The first filling of the mini bar is free. Additional drinks are available through Room Service at an extra charge.

For free instant coffee, tea and sugar sachets please speak to the Reception.


Mosquito screens
Please do not use mosquito screens when it is very windy. They can not stand strong winds and will tear.


Natural ventilation-cooling / Ceiling fan
Agrikea uses the natural flow of air for room cooling and natural ventilation assisted by ceiling fans, without the use of air condition.
The ceiling fan opens from the switch next to the bed (above the nightstand) and its speed controlled by the remote control you will find on the table.


Outdoor kitchen & dining room
If you wish to hire the outdoor kitchen and dining table for a group lunch or dinner, this can be done for a charge of 70 euro. Please ask Reception. 


Choose a parking space under the two pergolas located at the entrance of Agrikea. Please do not park in the flat area at the bottom of the entrance ramp as it is only used for loading and unloading.


Personal hygiene
At Reception we have free, if you need any, toothbrushes, toothpastes, cotton butts, razors and shaving foam, band aids, condoms, sanitary napkins and tampons.


Pets are allowed in Agrikea by prior arrangement. Please have your pet on a lead and under your supervision in all common areas.
If you need to leave your pet alone in your room, please let us know so we can check every hour that the animal is fine and take it for a walk at the farm to go to the toilet.

The pharmacy is located in the port (Aloe shop) and in Ioulida, next to the parking lot (tel. 2288 022277).

The use of the pool is allowed only when the security supervisor is present. If you wish to use the pool and the security supervisor is not present, please contact Reception.
Please use the grey towels in the bathroom of your room.

Before entering the pool, please take a shower and do not use sunscreen, body lotion or makeup products.
The use the pool is not allowed after consuming alcohol or food.
Diving is not allowed because the pool is shallow (145cm deep).
Unaccompanied children are not allowed to use the pool.
Pets are not allowed in the pool.

Drinking glasses are not allowed in the pool area. Please ask us to provide you with plastic ones.
In general, the use of the pool is at your own risk.


Reception is open every day for 12 hours, from 08:30 to 20:30. During all other hours you may call us on 694 255 0588.

Relaxation corners in the farm
You can choose any corner of the property you like to create a unique relaxation space, especially for you. Relax by reading a book, enjoying the view, listening to the sounds of nature and drinking a juice, coffee, tea or herbal tonic.

Rental cars & motorbikes
Leon Rent A Car: 2288 021898 & 693 718 5053
Auto Club: 2288 028008 & 694 484 5703
Avance: 2288 021031

Room cleanliness
For maximum feeling of safety for the customers, no one but themselves will enter the room after check in.

Daily room cleaning service is not provided unless requested by the customers.

If customers do not wish cleaning service and want to change their sheets and towels, they are given a bag to put the used ones in and make the change themselves. There are also cleaning material available if they want to clean their room.

Rubbish bins are located in the backyard. The green bin is for recycling. The black one for all other rubbish.

Deep cleaning and disinfection is performed should the customers wish so, after 3 nights of stay in long-term bookings. We need the room for the procedure for 4 hours.

Room Service
Please come to see us at Reception or call us on 694 255 0588.

Security box
A security box with combination electronic lock is located in your closet. Information on how to set up the combination can be found on a card inside the security box.

wifi: Agrikea password: agrikeawelcome
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Instagram hash tag: #agrikea
Facebook location: Agrikea / Αγροικέα