Covid-19 protective measures

The following measures are temporary until the end of the coronation pandemic. 

The changes mentioned below in the way Agrikea operates prevail where they contradict something that is mentioned on the rest of the website.


  • Help in carrying luggage to the room is stopped. Customers are kindly requested to carry their luggage from their car to their room.
  • It is forbidden for non-customers or anyone who does not have a special invitation from the owner to enter Agrikea.
  • Check in is done this year after 15:30 and check out at 11:00 to create extra time for disinfection and ventilation of the room between customers.


  • Welcome is done at the outdoor courtyard in front of the reception.
  • We will have received your details for the check-in from you in advance by phone or email if you wish so, in order to avoid physical contact at check-in.
  • There is a record of residents and visitors with contact information in case it is needed for tracking.
  • Payment can done electronically if you wish so, by credit/debit card or paypal. Receipt or invoice can also be provided electronically.


  • The room has been thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. All surfaces have been cleaned with chlorine solution. The mattresses, pillows and armchair have been steam cleaned. The room has been ventilated for at least 2 hours before your arrival.
  • The information book has been removed. This will be sent to you electronically upon arrival. You can see it here too.
  • Beverage and soft drink bottles in the free mini bar have been disinfected.
  • All of our rooms are designed to use natural airflow for ventilation and coolness and have ceiling fans. This is ideal this year when air-con, due to the virus, is not suitable.
  • For maximum feeling of safety for the customers, no one but themselves will enter the room after check in if they wish so:
    • No room tour is given upon arrival if the customers choose so.
    • Daily room cleaning service is not provided unless you request it. If the customers choose not to have room cleaning service and they want to change their sheets and towels, they are given a bag to put the used ones in and make the change themselves. There are also cleaning material available if they want to clean their room. Garbage cans exist in the backyard of Agrikea.


  • The internal living room is closed. Customers are welcomed to use all the outside sitting areas.
  • The library is closed.
  • Agrikea never had breakfast buffets that are so controversial now with the covid-19. Breakfast is served as usual to anyone who wants it on a tray in their room or in an outdoor seating area.
  • Customer entry is not allowed in the staff area.
  • We remain discreetly at your disposal to take care of you.


  • Sunbeds and bin bags are placed in a way to maintain a distance of 2 meters between customers. Customers are kindly requested not to move them around.
  • The sunbeds and the surrounding area of the pool are cleaned and disinfected every morning at 09:00 and after that they will be available to customers.
  • Customers are kindly requested to use the pool towels provided to cover the sun loungers and bin bags before using them.
  • Inside the pool 6 people are allowed at any time keeping a distance of 2 meters from each other if they are not from the same room.

Staff and suppliers

  • The staff coming in contact with the customers have been vaccinated and suppliers who come to Agrikea are thermometered every day.
  • Haris Fevgas, the owner of Agrikea is the co-ordinator for the implementation of the protective measures.

Eco awareness

This year we make "discounts" on our ecological awareness for the further reassurance of our customers:

  • Use of chlorine instead of ecological detergents
  • Ironing of sheets
  • Plastic biodegradable straws in fredo coffees